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Tuesday 6.13.17

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Congratulations on all the backsquat pr’s guys! ┬áHard work paying off!!

Olympic lifting class in arcata today! 10:30am

Run bike or row x 3:00

Foam roll t-spine, lats and traps
Front rack stretch
KB heel cord and calf smash

Every minute for 9 minutes
Minute 1 – Jump rope x :30
Minute 2 – burpee x 5 + squat x 10
Minute 3 – plank x :45

Barbell warmup

A. Every minute for 20 minutes
Minute 1 – calories x 12/10
Minute 2 – hang power clean x 5

Every minute for 20 minutes for max weight
Minute 1 – Double under x 35
Minute 2 – Power clean x 3

Teams of two
Three rounds
Partner wall ball sit-up x 20 (10 with the ball 10 without)
Medball Russian twist x 20 each while partner holds a hollow

Partner will face each other, lock legs and do sit-ups passing the ball back and forth. Once they’ve done 20 sit-ups, whoever has the ball will do 20 Russian twists with it, while their partner leans back into a hollow, then they switch, once both have done their twists, round two begins.