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Thursday 6.15.17

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We’re happy to have so many new faces around the gym!! Our mission is to spread the HCF love and fitness as far and wide as we can!! So please make em’ all feel welcome, and show them how WE do!

Run bike or row x 3:00

Pec/triceps smash
BB internal rotator shoulder smash
Couch stretch

Two rounds
Bike/row x 15/12 calories
Push-up x 10
Sit-up x 15

A. Four or five sets not for time of
Bench press x 4-6 reps
Farmers carry x 100m

B. As many rounds as possible in 20 minutes of
Teams of Two
Partner Medball burpee x 20
Partner wallball x 40
Medball run x 250m

Partner medball burpee = toss the ball to your partner, and do a burpee

Partner wallball = bounce it off the target to your teammate

Medball run = pass it back and forth like a hot potato as you run

Rx1 – Have fun!
Rx2 – every time the ball hits the ground the team must complete 30 hand release push-ups 😈