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Monday 6.12.17

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Form police on premises for max out Monday;)
Run bike or row x 3:00

Foam roll t-spine & legs
Pigeon pose
Couch stretch

Two rounds
Row 200m
Walking lunge x 10
Banded good morning x 10
Fire hydrant circles x 10

A. For time
Goblet squat x 50
Every minute for 12 minutes
Minute 1 – KB Swing x 15
Minute 2 – push-up x 12/10
Minute 3 – plank x :45

B. For time

A. Backsquat
5 reps @ 70%
3 reps @ 80%
1 rep @ 90%
Every two minute for up to 12 minutes
Set 1 – walkout x :10/:15 @105-115% of set 2
Set 2 – Backsquat x 1 @100%

Taking up to three attempts to hit a new max backsquat today. We’ll be doing weight supported walkouts before attempts.

You will load your bar with a little more weight then you plan on attempting to squat. You will unrack the bar, and hold it WITHOUT SQUATTING for :10-:15 seconds.

Your next set, you will drop the weight back to what you plan on squatting, and squat it.

We’ll use the walkout to recruit more active muscle fibers, that will aid in your attempts to test your 1 rep max.

If you hit your heavy lift for the day before your three attempts, then please move on to preparation for part B

PLEASE listen to your coaches, only proper form is accepted, and only safe lifts will be attempted.

B. For time
21 – 15 – 9
Wallball (30/20#)