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Friday 9.7.18

Fit 4 Life 4 sets Deadlift x 4-6 reps Side plank x 30 sec/side Amrap 7 min Farmer carry x 100m Burpee x 6 Leg raise x 12

Friday 9.7.18

Quickfit Amrap 12 min Row x 300/250m Jump rope x 50 Single arm DB thruster x 16

Friday 9.7.2018

  Functional Body Building Class at 10:30 today in Arcata! Come get your second day of FBB Training in for the week! Warm-Up  (Foot Drills) 200 Meter Run 15M Each Quad Stretch Knee to Chest [...]

Thursday 9.6.18

Fit 4 Life 4 sets Strict pullup x 3-5 @ 2112 Jump rope x 40-60 sec For time Bike x 1/2 mile Air squat x 30 Ab mat sit up x 50

Thursday 9.6.18

Quickfit For time: Box jump x 15 DB strict press x 20 Renegade row x 30 (no pushup) Run x 400m Renegade row x 30 DB strict press x 20 Box jump x 15

Thursday 9.6.2018

Warmup: 8 min AMRAP @ 75% 10 Jump Lunges 10 Monster Band Walks Forward and backward 20sec Bottom of Ring Dip Hold 20sec Hollow Body Hold Fitness A. Three sets of: Hanging Med-Ball Hamstring Curls [...]

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