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Eureka and Arcata’s Premier CrossFit Facilities

Humboldt CrossFit is a community that transforms lives. We know that living a fit life isn't always easy, which is why we make sure it is as FUN as it is EFFECTIVE. We've worked really hard to create an atmosphere at HCF that you will LOVE spending time in. The supportive community of coaches and athletes will have you excited to come back for more, and the more you come, the more RESULTS you see. This is how the good vibes at HCF make all the difference.

If you’re new to CrossFit, don’t be shy. The cool thing about CrossFit programming is that it can be scaled to ANYONE. We’ve found that the kind of training we do here works as well for elite athletes in their 20s as it does for people in their 70s battling back pain and the ghosts of injuries past. If you are trying to lose weight, build muscle, or just get more fit we've got the program and the support to help you reach your goals. Come in, try us out, and see what CrossFit can do for your future!

Over the years, HCF has become a place of achievement. Success stories are the norm. Goals get conquered and new ones get set. People do more then they ever thought they could. We're proud of our competitive athletes and our regionals and games appearances, but we are just as proud of the accomplishments all of our members make happen everyday. Whether you are trying to  do your first pull-up or compete in the CrossFit Games, HCF gives you the training, support, and confidence to help you reach your goals.

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Our Facility

Humboldt CrossFit’s two locations, in Eureka (4,500 sq. ft.) and Arcata (2,500 sq. ft.), are your havens for life-changing fitness here on the North Coast. Both facilities are packed with all the top-tier CrossFit tools you know and love (and sometimes love to hate), and plenty of them so you never waste your precious workout time waiting for a machine or bar.

Our locations boasts the unique bonus of having the most beautiful 5K runs anywhere in the world, right outside our door.

No matter which location you choose, make sure you check out our specialty classes, chat with our incredibly talented coaches, and get to know our members - the friendliest in all of California. Lifelong fitness and friendships are built at Humboldt CrossFit!

  • Humboldt CrossFit provides a thorough workout for exercise enthusiasts of all ages. I especially appreciate the instructors and their never-ending encouragement. I've been calling it my Fountain of Youth! 62 and still going strong thanks to this place.

    Mary Grooms VanCott

  • The members were very welcoming to us, and both Tim and Will were very attentive and engaging. Super clean facility. We're really glad we stopped in! Thanks for the great workout, guys.

    Sarah Logan

  • Wonderful owners and coaches who inspire and take each gym member as individuals. They and the members make the gym feel like a community. Collectively, they cheer and push us to our limits.

    Robert Pitts, Jr.